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Welcome my name is Mike Keenan owner and operator of Identity Comic Books and I am among-st many things a very avid comic book collector, reader and comic books dealer located in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. And it is my goal to one day start a comic book store right here in Toowoomba in the real world, rather than with just an online comic book store here on the Internet, but you have to start somewhere, and this website is the real start towards achieving this dream.

It is without doubt that comics are really one of the most accessible hobbies you can get right into on this planet and they are absolutely addictive, I challenge you to buy just one and simply stop there. I am also an Australian Registered Business ABN No: 19017523515 so you will always know that all things business on this website will be done absolutely correctly & professionally at all times. And don't forget while you are here to join my Facebook business page located directly at Identity Comic Books and come & share the talk today about all things comics!

So on this website in my online comic book store I will have Modern Age comics for sale, including also graphic novels and trade paperbacks, Bronze Age comics for sale, Golden Age comics for saleSilver Age comics for sale, plus I will even buy and trade your old comics or I can even sell your comics collection for you on a commission basis. Plus I will also be talking about those great comics from the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Ages of comics. So if you love Marvel & DC's Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, Wolverine, Captain America, the Fantastic Four and so many other great comic book characters than you will be able to find, learn and talk about them all here. And don't forget about all of those great independent comic book publishers as they will not be forgotten on this website either.

Plus you will even be able to access plenty of great comic articles like grading and pricing your comics, comic book reviews, photos and even a comic books blog. So I really hope that you enjoy you time here on the website. It is only in its first year online and it will be further extended over time to become a real and highly valued comic books collecting information resource.


Thanks and Best Regards, Mike Keenan!



Article Of The Month!

Comic Books Tipped To Be Hot In 2014:

Its been a while since I have written an article for the website so what better way to start then an article on those comics which are going to be hot for the future. Speculation on comics that have the potential to be hot are a fun past time to research & collect and it can also be very lucrative, that is if you pick the right book, so here they are my predictions for the near future.

Thief Of Thieves #1

Robert Kirkman is more than talented and the Walking Dead creator has hit the win button once again with Thief Of Thieves. The AMC network that runs the epic hit Walking Dead has picked up Kirkman's great story line and it is more than certain to be a hit. What was a $5 book on ebay book at debut is now selling raw for over $70US and a graded copy 9.8 for around $200US plus. The time to get is now and pick up your copy before the show hits, as prices are certain to go through the roof. My tip is to spend a few extra dollars and pick up the Thief Of Thieves #1 the Comics Pro Edition of which only 500 were released. There is currently a copy of this on ebay for around $280US posted. A lot of money, well kind of yes, but this is the version you really want in your collection. Stick it in the safe and sit on this one as a nice return on investment is certainly assured.

Y The Last Man #1

Well with a movie deal in the works tipped for production in 2014 the price of this comic has already really soared across ebay. Currently you can pick up a near mint copy on ebay for around $150US, but it is worth every cent. A great story premise assures this movie of potential success and the comic is only bound to go up in value as a result. My advice is to go, find and buy yourself a copy today.

Preacher #1

This dark and twisted story is tipped to hit AMC as a pilot and the book has been the speculation of a movie deal for many years now, so its price has been at the high end for a while. But in saying this a TV show that hits will only see this book rise further in value. Currently at around $150US for a raw NM book there is still plenty of potential money to be made on this one;

I Zombie #1

Warner Brothers is taking this book very seriously and a TV series is well in the works. This book is currently at a very affordable price on ebay . You can get issue #1 for around $16US and the 1 in 10 variant issue is only around $20US. Its another dark and twisted story but this seems to be the taste of the general viewing public and with such big backing I can only see this comic becoming a hit.

Locke And Key #1

With talk of a movie trilogy this book has already gone up in value with NM copies currently selling for around $130US. When and if this movie is going to be made is the question on all fans lips and after all the story makes for an interesting premise for a movie..After the gruesome murder of their father, the Locke kids, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode move with their mother Nina to the ancestral family home, Keyhouse. They soon discover that the house is full of secrets when they start finding magical keys which hold impossible powers such as turning people into ghosts, or being able to erase someone's memories. They are not the only ones who know of the keys; a demonic creature known as Dodge is also after the keys, with the goal of opening the Black Door, which will allow the demons of hell to enter our world. My tip is a a hit on this one.

Letter 44 #1

Picked up as a potential TV series after only one issue and currently in negotiation with an unnamed tv network this book has all the ingredients to be a real success. Mix government secrecy in with alien invasion and the potential for a TV hit are all there. Currently at buy now value on ebay a 1st print of issue #1 can be picked up for as little as $5US and my tip is to go for the Black & White variant issue of number #1 which currently goes for around $25US. This comic is a real potential sleeper and I have left it for last, so if you have read this entire article from beginning to end you have gained a great tip for a comic to buy and my advice is to hit ebay right now and grab your own copy right away.

Article written by Mike Keenan.


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